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Langar Church of England Primary School


Breadth of Study


Controlling sounds through singing.


Sing an individual role in a group performance, from memory or by reading notation, singing solos, accompaniments or directing the group.

Perform own part in a round or other split part.

Maintain a harmony(singing higher or lower than the main melody) in a song.

Evaluate different types of singing from different cultures and heritages, and discuss  their preferences.

Controlling sounds by playing


Maintain own part in a round/ sing a harmony/ play accurately with awareness of what others are playing.

Play more complex instrumental parts.

Improvise using 5 notes of the pentatonic scale

Creating and developing musical ideas (composing)


Compose and perform melodies using five or more notes. 

Show confidence, thoughtfulness and imagination in selecting sounds and structures to convey an idea.

Create music reflecting given intentions and record using standard notation.

Use ICT to organise musical ideas (where appropriate).

Combine all musical dimensions

Responding and reviewing (appraising)

Know how the other dimensions of music are sprinkled through songs and pieces of music. Use musical vocabulary confidently to describe music.

Work out how harmonies are used and how drones and melodic ostinati (riffs) are used to accompany singing

Use knowledge of how lyrics reflect cultural context and have social meaning to enhance own compositions.

Refine and improve own/ others’ work.

Listening and applying knowledge and understanding

Use increased aural memory to recall sounds accurately.

Use knowledge of musical dimensions to know how to best combine them.