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Langar Church of England Primary School

Year 5

Breadth of Study


Chronological Understanding

Use timelines to place and sequence local, national and international events. Sequence historical periods.

Describe events using historical vocabulary e.g. century, decade, BC, AD, after, before, during, Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians, era, period.

Identifies changes within and across historical periods.

Describe the main changes in a period in history using historical vocabulary such as ‘Social’, ‘religious’, ‘political’, ‘technological’ and ‘cultural’.

Knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past



Identify some social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversities of societies studied in Britain and wider world.

Give some causes and consequences of the main events, situations and changes in the periods studied.

Identify changes and links within and across the time periods studied.

Historical interpretation


Look at different versions of the same event and identify differences in the accounts.

Give clear reasons why there may be different accounts of history.

Know that people (now and in past) can represent events or ideas in ways that persuade others

Historical Enquiry

Use documents, printed sources, the internet, databases, pictures, photos, music, artefacts, historic buildings and visits to collect information about the past.

Ask a range of questions about the past.

Choose reliable sources of evidence to answer questions.

Realise that there is often not a single answer to historical questions.

Organisation and communication

Present structured and organised findings about the past using speaking, writing, maths, computing, drama and drawing skills.

Use dates and terms accurately.

Choose most appropriate way to present information to an audience