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Langar Church of England Primary School

Academic Excellence


The Langar curriculum promotes risk taking, choice and decision making which enables children to take responsibility for their own learning and lifestyle. It provides our children with learning challenges which are engaging, motivating and exciting. Through a broad range of subjects and balance of experiences every child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

The school has adopted a connected curriculum framework. It is based around the organisation of the National Curriculum Objectives, a transferable Learning to Learn skills bank, real life experiences and connectors designed to make it meaningful.


National Curriculum objectives from across the foundation subjects have been organised into skills banks. These lead the themes form our cross curricular topics. We underpin our curriculum with a bank of skills with a core set of skills that we feel will equip our children for 21st Century life.


Teachers choose BRAVE (bold, relevant, aspirational, varied and engaging) topic headings for half term or termly blocks, which are led by the content of the foundation subjects. This allows areas of learning to be joined together in a meaningful way. Learning is enhanced by real life experiences; trips, visitors, use of ICT and practical activities, which are built into every unit of work.


Teachers only make links that are appropriate and meaningful. On occasion discreet teaching of subjects is required and in particular within Mathematics, R.E. and P.E.

The whole school curriculum is organised into three overarching themes.