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Andy's adventures - part 3

Andy's adventures - part 3 1 Andy using the Lego challenge to keep busy.

Andy's Adventures - part 2

Andy's Adventures - part 2 1 Andy has been learning to play the drums
Andy's Adventures - part 2 2 Looks a bit warm in the greenhouse, Andy!
Andy's Adventures - part 2 3 Andy has new friends - some chickes!
Andy's Adventures - part 2 4 Just watering the French beans.

Andy Bear

For those who were wondering if Andy Bear was safe, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  He is still with Sam and they have sent some photos of what he has been up to.  Sam has said he will keep us up to date with all the activities he has shared with Andy. Here are the first ones....

Andy's adventures - part 1

Andy's adventures -  part 1 1 Sam and Andy sharing a reading book.
Andy's adventures -  part 1 2 Oh no! He was poorly with a temperature and cough.
Andy's adventures -  part 1 3 Andy played Cluedo and was Mr Black.
If you want to ask Andy any questions you can do this via the Purple Mash blog page or by email to and I will pass on them on to him.  I am sure Sam will love to answer your questions about the adventures they have been on so far.