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Langar Church of England Primary School


Breadth of Study


Generic skills

Record and explore ideas 

Develop their ideas – try things out, change their minds 

Explore the work of artists, craftspeople and designers from different times and cultures.

Review what they and others have done and say what they think and feel about it. 



Experiment with a variety of media; pencils, rubbers, crayons, pastels, felt tips, charcoal, chalk 

Begin to control the types of marks made with the range of media 

Draw on different surfaces with a range of media.

Use differently textured and sized media.

Observe and draw shapes. 

Draw shapes in between objects.

Invent new shapes.

Investigate tone by drawing light/dark lines.


Use a variety of tools and techniques including different brush sizes and types

Experiment with tools and techniques e.g. layering, mixing media, scraping

Identify primary colours by name

Create textured paint by adding sand, plaster


Print with a range of hard and soft materials e.g. corks, pen barrels, sponge

Make simple marks on rollers and printing palettes Build repeating patterns and recognise pattern in the environment

Make rubbings to collect textures and patterns


Begin to match and sort fabrics and threads for colour, texture, length, size and shape

Begin to change and modify threads and fabrics, knotting, fraying, fringing, pulling threads, twisting, plaiting

Cut and shape fabric using scissors/snips

Apply shapes with glue 

Apply decoration using beads, buttons, feathers etc

Create cords and plaits for decoration

Apply colour with printing, dipping, fabric crayons

Create and use dyes i.e. onion skins, tea, coffee

Create fabrics by weaving materials i.e. grass through twigs, carrier bags on a bike wheel

3D and Sculpture

Manipulate malleable materials in a variety of ways including rolling and kneading

Manipulate malleable materials for a purpose, e.g. pot, tile

Experiment with constructing and joining recycled, natural and manmade materials

Change the surface of a malleable material e.g. build a textured tile


Create images from a variety of media e.g. photocopies material, fabric, crepe paper , magazines etc Arrange and glue materials to different backgrounds

Collect, sort, name match colours appropriate for an image

Create, select and use textured paper for an image

Digital Media