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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 2

Year A

Changes (within Living Memory)

Be introduced to historical concepts, vocabulary and representations through exploring the ways in which life has changed over the time of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Develop a chronology of domestic life, clothes, transport, communication methods, toys and books, food and music. Experience a school day as it would have been in the 1950s and create Acoustic Telephones. Cook up a food festival and create a museum in the classroom!

Our School and Local Area

This is a lively and fun topic to teach children fieldwork and observational skills as they study the geography and history of their schools, the grounds and the key human and physical features of the surrounding environment.



Year B


The Great Fire of London

Be gripped by this significant historic event from the 17th Century! Contrast fire-safety from the past with today. Study the buildings of the period and create your own buildings. Study the rhymes and songs of the time; study St Paul’s Cathedral and make sketches, prints, clay sculptures and 3D models inspired by this great building. Enthused by the famous diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, write diaries and read them at your class coffee shop! Learn about the food of the time and bake bread. Finally organise a classroom tour of 17th Century London to demonstrate all the knowledge you have acquired.