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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 2

Year A

Research the polar expeditions of these two pioneers. Follow their journeys and understand what they needed to take on an expedition in cold extreme conditions. Find out about the development of materials and portable communication and carry out insulation experiments to design a good polar jacket.


Develop historical knowledge and understanding of the lives and significance of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Identify the kit needed for an expedition and compare the equipment taken by Columbus and Armstrong on their voyages. Discover navigation techniques and learn about the materials used by Columbus and Armstrong. Identify the properties of a range of materials for your own expedition. Go on to describe your own ‘expeditions’ using a range of media.

Year B

Learn about the countries and capitals of the UK. Learn fundamental information, key geographical vocabulary and important skills such as using maps, atlases and globes. Discover through a series of creative activities such as puppet show presentations, individual ‘family trees’ , a class ‘Breakfast Club’ that celebrates the diversity of all the children, putting on a castle inspired art exhibition, taking part in your own ‘We are Great Britain’ conference and sharing a final GB Bakery celebration!