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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 4

Year A


Discover The Ancient Civilisations

(The Maya and Ancient Egypt)

Study the magnificent Maya in this vigorously researched topic. Discover where and when the Maya built their civilisation as you develop a range of skills across the curriculum. Investigate how they lived, their culture and their legacy. Compare their lives to your own as you bring your learning together.


Learn all about the Ancient Egyptians. Investigate the men and women who studied the kingdoms of Egypt and explore their discoveries. Look at some of the Pharaohs and the development of the pyramids, as well as the mythology that permeated Ancient Egypt. Look at the role the Nile had in allowing this civilisation to flourish and examine daily life, comparing it to our own.

Year B


Dig Deep

(Stone Age to Iron Age Britain)

The Stone Age is brought to life for your class in topic blocks that develop their archaeological skills and vocabulary. Help them to create Ice Age art and research and make Stone Age homes. To understand the Bronze Age, the children find out about tool-making and through making models, they explore the importance of Stonehenge. They go on to role-play life in an Iron Age village and explore and understand hill forts. Make and decorate Iron Age objects ready for a tribal meeting.