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Langar Church of England Primary School

Create - Art, DT and Music Driver

Create is the theme for the summer term, and is the art, DT and music focus for the year. We are currently reviewing our topic titles having reorganised our class structure this year.


We aim to provide every child with the skills needed to be am artist, technologist and musician and have devised skills ladders to clarify what this looks like for children in each year group. The knowledge the children will acquire is set out in our topic webs and is guided by the National Curriculum. By introducing children to artists, musicians have technologists who have influenced the world we live in today, we design topics that will nurture creativity and inspire children to apply the skills they are taught.




Long Term Themes

Langar Primary School Achieves 100% Concentration From Pupils With Their New Outdoor Music Room!

The staff at Langar Primary School say that they get 100% concentration from the pupils now that they have a dedicated music room. The insulated, timber building provides a private space for music lessons for the young people. If your School would benefit from an outdoor building to provide extra space for arts and music - get in touch.