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On parle Français ici !

(We speak French here!)


The National Curriculum states that learning a foreign language gives children an opening to other cultures, fosters curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. At Langar we aim to develop children’s enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures from an early age and to give then a firm foundation for studying languages throughout their education. Children from Foundation stage to year 6 learn French as part of our enrichment curriculum. In line with the national curriculum, we focus communication for practical purposes both in speech and, as the children progress through the school, in writing.


In class 1 the youngest children play games, learn rhymes, and sing action songs in French. These are based around familiar themes such as the family, pets, home and toys. The children quickly develop confidence in hearing and responding to spoken French.


In years 2 and 3 (class 2) we encourage children to begin making links between sounds and spelling, to read familiar words and to experiment with writing in French. The children learn everyday French vocabulary for example numbers and colours, food and days of the week. They are soon able to greet one another in French and conduct a short conservation. Children also explore French translations of familiar texts such as “Elmer” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and begin to appreciate the differences and similarities between languages.


In years 4 and 5 (class 3) start to write simple words and phrases following a model and to read words aloud with accurate pronunciation. Children listen to, and follow short stories and are introduced to simple aspects of French grammar. Lessons build upon previous learning to develop children’s capacity to communicate usefully in French. They begin to recite short texts with accurate pronunciation, to understand and express simple opinions and to understand information in texts read by native speakers of French.


In Year 6 have opportunities to initiate and sustain conversations, using language they have learned previously in new contexts. They discuss language learning and reflect on how to memorise and recall language. They have opportunities to perform a sketch in French to an audience, encouraging clear speech and good pronunciation. Children learn how to use a bilingual a dictionary, and work with authentic French texts to identify and understand key details and make predictions. They are also encouraged to sustain conversations, and to write their own short texts in French.


In all year-groups the emphasis is upon enjoyment, with games and singing in French regularly a feature of French lessons at Langar.


Provision for 2019 - 20


Autumn Term 1 - Year 2 and Year 5

Autumn Term  - Year 1 and Year 6


Spring Term 1 - Reception and Year 2

Spring Term 2 - Reception, Year 1 and Year 6


Summer Term 1 - Year 1/2 , Year 5 and Year 6

Summer Term  2 - Reception, Year 3/4 and Year 5