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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


For your writing focus today we only have 1 session, so we will concentrate on quality over quantity.



I am going to give you a series of sentences that I would like you to expand and add further detail to.


When adding additional detail and description to the sentences, think about the grammar sessions you have done in the last few weeks. I am reluctant to add a check list of things you may include, but I will add a list as a reminder in ways you can add additional detail.


Ways to add details and extra description:

  • use a colon to separate two main clauses
  • use brackets, dashes or commas to add parenthesis
  • relative clauses
  • subordinate clauses using subordinating conjunctions


Remember, as with all writing tasks, edit, re-read your sentences. If you would like to do some of your own, feel free. I would love to see them!


Good luck!



1. Alice hurt her leg.


2. The Parrot said, "Ola."


3. The walkie-talkie wouldn't work.


4. Doctor Foster had to leave. 


5. Edie walked over to the nature table.


6. I knew it was an animal because


7. The globe spun faster