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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning everyone. Fri-yay at last!


For English today I am challenging your imaginations!


Yesterday you created a character profile for Alice, someone in the Sea Bean story we already know quite a lot about. Today, using the template below as a guide, I would like you to create a profile for Kit.


Task tips

  • I know Kit is only a baby! This is where you can use your imagination to some degree. 
  • Think about where Kit is going to grow up and how this might affect his personality
  • Think about how old Kit is when you are creating your profile - he could be 10, he could be 20, he could be 50!
  • In terms of a job, family, likes and dislikes, that is up to you, although you could link it to life on the island
  • Think about what he will look like. Can you use details of Alice's appearance to help describe Kit?


I am really looking forward to reading these to see if any of your Kits have similar characteristics based on his up bringing on the island.


Good luck!