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Morning class 4...end of the week....last maths lesson of the week....let's get it done!


Although both year groups have different tasks today, they are both centred around the skill of comparing and ordering fractions.


Fractions are easy to compare and order. I can summarise the process in a few points, which I will below, and they do in the video - watch your lesson then come back to read my notes below or it may confuse you.


I want you to always think about comparing by using known equivalents first.


You will be shown that to order and compare fractions, you can convert to equivalents so they have the same denominator and then see which has the higher or lower numerator. 


However, if you had 1/4 compared to 8/12, you can use the fact that one is less than half (1/4) and one is greater than half (8/12) to compare them quickly.

Of course you could convert both fractions into quarters:

1/4   = 1/4

8/12 = 3/4

Then you can use the numerator to see that 3/4 is larger, but you don't have to.


I want you to have a good level of understanding of fractions, not just go straight into a 'method' each time.


Good luck!