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August - Smartie and Oreo are having a great holiday at Clara's house!

28th February - enjoying the sunshine and being in the garden eating lots of grass.

Having fun playing games and having cuddles!

more fun and weighing at Teddy and Noah's house!

Look at their obstacle course made by Teddy, Noah and Sebby! the girls are staying fit too!

Monday 18th January 2021

We hope you are all well & enjoying all the fun activities you’ve been set. We enjoyed watching the snow from inside last week. Did you play out in it? 
We are getting weighed regularly by Noah & Teddy to check we aren’t putting too much lockdown weight on! (Not sure how accurate our scales are!)  We are running around the playroom lots too ... we even weed on the sofa (whoops!). 
We hope you are all having fun and being good for your grown ups. 
Love Smartie & Oreo xx 
Who weighs the most?  Who weighs the least?

I have just had this email from Teddy's and Noah's Mummy (Our class guinea pigs Smartie and Oreo are having a lovely extended holiday with him and his family in Langar)


Hello Class 1!
We are missing you all very much! We are being looked after well. We have watched lots of Disney films with Noah, Teddy and Sebbi and are having lots of cuddles. 
We hope you are all ok and we can't wait to see you again soon. 
What have you all been up to? 
Love Smartie and Oreo 

Monday 29th June

Hello again everyone! We have some very exciting news.  We think the baby blackbirds must have hatched from their eggs.  The adult birds are taking it in turns to fly to and from the nest all day long carrying worms and tiny grubs in their beaks.  They are working very hard to keep their chicks safe and fed.  They catch a worm then bring it back to the grass or the fence near the nest.  Then they look all around, checking for predators, before they fly quickly into the next.  They really do not want any other creatures to know that they have chicks just yet!  Here is a picture of Oreo enjoying a cuddle this weekend!

Monday 22nd June

We hope you have had a good weekend.  It rained a lot in our garden, which made the grass grow very fast. We are pleased about this as there is lots to nibble now when we are outdoors.  The blackbird is still sitting in her nest.  The humans can see her if they stand at the kitchen window and look through some very strong binoculars!   We wonder how long it will be before her eggs hatch.  The humans have been spending lots of time with us in the garden. Here is a photo of Smartie enjoying a cuddle.

Tuesday 16th June

Hello again! The humans say they are amazed at how quickly our toenails grow!  We are amazed too, but we try to keep quiet about this, as we do not like having them trimmed.  However, at the weekend we visited the humans in their kitchen again, and it didn't take us long to guess why!  We were very patient, and 'Mum' was very gentle, and of course a celery stick helped to take our mind off things!  Here are pictures of Oreo being patient!

Wednesday 10th June

Today we have spent most of our time in our hayloft watching the rain again.  We could not even be tempted outside by the lovely, fresh patch of grass which our home has been moved to!  There is a new bird feeder in the garden now.  We will let you know which birds visit.  They are a bit suspicious of it at the moment but we expect they will get used to it.  The humans were very excited a few days ago because they saw a greater spotted woodpecker in the garden early one morning.  Here is a drawing of one, which the tallest human with the deepest voice drew for us!

Tuesday 9th June

We think that the blackbirds have finished building their nest now, because they have not been flying to and fro today with beaks full of twigs and dry grass.  However, we have seen them once or twice, so they are still there!  The sparrows have been very noisy again today, and sometimes they make sounds a bit like our squeaks.  Once Smartie got very confused and squeaked back at them.  This made the humans laugh a lot!  

Monday 8th June

A few days ago we were a little bit sad because our friends the starlings had left the garden, after their youngsters had left the nest.  Today we are really excited because we have noticed that a pair of blackbirds have started to build a nest in a climbing flower plant really close to our garden home.  We will let you know whether they hatch eggs out too!  Here is a picture of the plant where they are building their nest.


Friday 5th June

We discovered some more creatures who share our garden home recently!  Did we mention that there is a pond?  One day when our home had been moved on to a fresh patch of grass near the pond we heard splashing noises from time-to-time.  We had not heard these before and wondered what it could be.  Then we saw the humans looking closely into the water and saying "There's one. It's there.  It just jumped in!" Have you guessed what these creatures are?  Here is a picture of our new friends, the frogs!  How many can you see?

Thursday 4th June

The birds have been much quieter in the garden over the last few days.  We had been listening to lots of cheeping from a corner of the house, and now it has suddenly gone quiet.  We think this is because the baby starlings which lived in a nest in the roof above one of the human's bedrooms, have learnt to fly and "flown the nest".  It was fun when they were still there because we could hear them calling and calling for food.  Then one of the adults would fly under the roof tiles at the corner of the house and deliver a meal and it would all go quiet for a few minutes.  Next those hungry baby birds would start chirruping again and we would see the adult fly off to search for more food.  It looked like very hard work and the young birds were very noisy.  It is much more peaceful now they have flown away, but we do miss them!  

Wednesday 3rd June

It has been cold and dreary today, so here is a funny tale, with pictures, to cheer us all up.  One of our favourite things to eat is hay.  We get very excited whenever the humans bring fresh hay to our home.  A few days ago, a fresh delivery of hay was made.  We were busy playing on the grass, but Oreo smelled the hay arriving and could tell that it had been put upstairs in our garden hayloft.  You can see her sniffing the air in the photos.  She realised where it was and raced up the ladder into the loft.  Smartie was left downstairs on the grass, running around looking for Oreo.  It took her a little while to realise what was happening, but then she rushed up the ladder too.  We are getting very, very fast at going up and down the ladder!  Here we are sniffing for hay, arriving in the hayloft and hiding in the hay, 

Tuesday 2nd June

Hello Everybody!  We hope you had a lovely half-term. We spent lots more time in the garden and had new adventures which involved frogs, a woodpecker, baby starlings, chattering sparrows and a fountain.  We will tell you all about these over the next few days.  We have some lovely photos to show you too, but the humans are having problems with something they call a "computer" (they sound quite grumpy with "the computer" at the moment!) so they can't send the photos for you to see yet! 


We had a lot of company in the garden during the holiday, because the humans were busy gardening, planting vegetables, painting fences and fixing gates.  The fences are now a lovely dark brown colour that we like very much and the gates no longer rattle in the wind and make us jump!  That's a big improvement.  Here is an old picture of Smartie keeping cool!


Smartie and Oreo

Wednesday 20th May

It has been very hot and sunny today and we have been doing our best to keep cool.  You can just about see Smartie sitting in the shade on the lawn in this photo.  The chickens have been keeping cool too, by enjoying lots of dust baths!


Monday 18th May

There was a lot going on in the garden here this weekend.  The biggest human with the deepest voice spent a long time digging and planting.  It was very interesting to watch.  Now there are lots of small plants growing around the garden which were not there before.   Here are some pictures of them.  Can you work out what sort of plants they are?  We will give you a clue:  they will all grow into things that humans can eat. 

Friday 15th May

Today we saw one of the humans collecting eggs from the hens again.  There are three hens, but only two of them lay eggs.  The other hen is much older and just likes to sit on the eggs.   We think she hopes they might hatch out.  She does not like it when the humans collect the eggs, and makes a huge noisy fuss.  Here you can see the nesting box where the hens lay their eggs.

Thursday 14th May

It has been sunny in our garden today but quite windy.  We think we have said before that guinea pigs do not like windy weather.  We have been quite clever though.  This is what we did:  there is lots of lovely hay in our hayloft, and instead of eating it all, or hiding underneath it, today we moved some of it across the doorway and made a little wall out of hay.  This stopped the breeze blowing in.  When the humans came to see us at lunchtime (with a little treat of carrot ) we were sitting peering out at the garden from behind our wall of hay!  Of course we were very happy to climb over the hay and run down the ladder to eat the delicious carrot! 

Wednesday 13th May

Today we have been making friends with some different creatures in the garden.  We have been watching the sparrows, who have been very busy.  We make a bit of the mess when we are outdoors, because bits of hay from our hayloft escape and blow across the grass.  The sparrows are very pleased about this though and have been gathering it up in their beaks and flying away.  We think they will be using the hay in the nests they are building in the hedge next door!  Here is another picture of us. The sparrows flew away too quickly to be in the picture!

Tuesday 12th May

Today the humans decided that it would be interesting to start researching some facts about guinea pigs.  They have been watching us and wondering why we do some of the things we do!   They have noticed that whatever the weather, we like to be outside in the evening, even when the sun is starting to go down.  We  skip and run around the grass, and eat a lot just before it is time for us to be taken back indoors. This made the humans wonder if we were nocturnal animals ( the sort that likes to sleep in the day and be awake at night).  So they looked it up and discovered that we don't really sleep very much at all, we just doze for a few minutes at a time on and off all through the day and night!  Here is a photo of us enjoying the evening!

Monday 11th May

Hello everyone.  We hope you had a lovely weekend.  We were out in the garden again, but we were very busy, as you can see.  The humans say that we are like very useful little lawnmowers!  Can you work out which patches of grass our garden home has been on?

Wednesday 6th May

Today has been another lovely day to be in the garden.  We have enjoyed being groomed and cuddled! You can see Oreo in the sunshine here.

Tuesday 5th May

Today was a little bit different because now we have both visited the humans in their kitchen.  The smallest human said something about it being time for a 'pedicure'.  We thought this sounded quite exciting, but it turns out that it just means that our toenails needed to be clipped!  Guinea pigs' toenails grow quite quickly and because we are pets and don't live in the wild they don't get worn down naturally, so you humans have to clip them for us from time-to-time.  We were carried carefully into the house and one of the squeaky-voiced humans held us gently while "Mum" clipped our nails.  We didn't like this very much because we had to sit very still for quite a long time and we find this tricky!  Oreo did get a bit impatient and tried to nibble the humans' hands, but not hard!  Both humans took great care to be really gentle with us and now we feel much better.  We have spent the rest of today scampering around the grass in our garden home.

Monday 4th May

We had another lovely weekend in the garden.  Here are some pictures of us for you to enjoy.


Smartie and Oreo

Friday 1st May

Hello everyone.  We are so glad that the sun has been shining again today.  Guinea pigs really do not like the rain.  We are so much more lively when the sun is out.  Today we had a real treat at teatime.  It was a piece of broccoli stalk left over from the humans' meal.  We think they are very kind sharing with us.  This reminded us that being fair is one of the Langar school values and that we should share our broccoli stalk fairly.   You can see us sharing fairly here.  We hope you have a happy weekend.


Smartie and Oreo 

Thursday 30th April

Hello again everybody.  We have been spending quite a lot of time lately with the smallest human with the squeakiest voice!  She talks to us a lot and has started to call us "mes petits pois".  We are not sure what this means, but it is definitely friendly!  We like to play games with her. One of our favourites is "Hide and Seek".  It is a bit different to the game you know, because we do not hide. Instead the smallest human hides pieces of fresh vegetable around our cage in unusual places, and we sniff them out.  We are very, very good at this game!  You can see Oreo playing here.

Wednesday 29th April

Today we have again been watching the wildlife in the garden.   We sit in the doorway to our hayloft and peer out.  Today we have been visited by a robin.  He was hunting for something to eat, just like the blackbird yesterday.  The robin has a different way of doing this though.  He sits on the washing line, or on the fence and watches the ground very carefully.  He is looking for worms (not listening like the blackbird).  When he sees one he swoops down to catch it for his dinner!  We still think hay and grass are best though, but we also quite like celery, as you can see here!

Tuesday 28th April


It has been cold and rainy here today, but we still managed to spend some time outdoors .  There was not a lot going on in the garden today because most of the creatures were sheltering from the rain.  We snuggled up in our hayloft and listened to the rain drumming steadily on the roof above our heads!  However we had a good view of the lawn from the doorway.  We watched a blackbird catching worms.  He had a really clever way of doing this.  First he stood very still on the grass and tipped his head to one side and listened very carefully.  Then he tipped his head to the other side and listened again.  When he could hear where a worm was, he hopped quickly over and caught it for his tea!  We still think munching hay and grass is easier though!  Here is a photo of our new friend the blackbird.

Monday 27th April


Our weekend in the garden was lovely and peaceful.  We sat in the sun, nibbled the fresh grass and crunched on a few dandelion leaves which the humans brought us.  We are getting very good at taking these gently from their hands.  The chickens were quiet and well-behaved - no escaping recently.  We thought it was a perfect weekend, but then things got even better.  We had forgotten that Saturday is "cage-cleaning-day" you see.  We love a newly cleaned cage, with fresh wood shavings and sweet-smelling hay.  It was a joy to come indoors at the end of the day to find this.  We scampered around and squeaked happily, as we hope you can see here.


Still image for this video

Friday 24th April


We have enjoyed being out in the sunshine so much today, but our peace and quiet kept being spoiled.  That's because those chickens have been escaping again.  They seem to find ways of getting underneath their green fence.  The grey speckled hen, called Tilly, is the ring-leader.  When the humans spot the chickens on the loose they come rushing outdoors to catch them before they can eat the vegetable seeds that are planted in the garden.  The chickens are not daft though, because they know that if they hide underneath the trampoline, no one can reach them.  It is quite funny watching humans trying to catch escaped chickens!  Today our garden home was next to the trampoline so we had a really good view, as you can see here.

Thursday 23rd April


Hello again


Today Smartie wanted to tell you about a little adventure that she had over the Easter holidays and how she ended up visiting the humans in their kitchen.  This is the story:  one evening when the smallest human was tucking us up for the night, and putting the lovely warm blanket over our indoor cage to keep the cold night breezes out, she noticed that I did not want to open my left eye properly.  It felt very sticky and sore and a bit scratchy, you see.  So, the human called "Mum" was called and she took me to the kitchen and bathed my eye with very clean, cool water.  It felt lovely and got rid of the stickiness, but I was still not comfortable.  She looked carefully at my eye and she could see something stuck in it.  So the human called "Dad" was called  (that's the one with the deepest down voice) and he had a good look too.  I had got one of my long orange hairs stuck in my eye.  So "Mum" held me very gently on the kitchen table, and "Dad" very carefully and gently took the hair out of my eye.  I was such a good guinea pig and did not wriggle or squeak or fuss !  I even got a juicy piece of celery as a treat afterwards.   My eye felt so much better and after a few days it was all shiny and bright again too.  You can see me here looking all bright-eyed and happy in the sunshine.

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello Everybody, 


Today we thought you might like to meet some of the other creatures who live in the garden here. There are some who are permanent and others who come and go a bit.   From our garden home we can see a green fence and behind it a green house on legs.  Three creatures live in that part of the garden.  The biggest human with the deepest voice mostly seems to be in charge of them.  They are not like us at all.  These creatures only have 2 legs (we think four are best!) but they still seem to be able to move quite quickly.  They also have wings which they flap from time to time but they don’t fly.  They are very chatty though and make little clucking noises when the humans go near.  Occasionally they squawk very, very loudly and it goes on for ages.  We are not sure why this happens but sometimes one of the squeaky-voiced humans will come and tell them to “Be quiet!”.  The creatures don’t usually take any notice of this!  The most important thing about them is that they lay eggs and every morning one of the humans will collect one or two eggs from the hen house!  Here is a picture of the chickens:  their names are Milly, Ginny and Tilly.

Hello again,


We hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday and are now keen to be doing more learning.  We have had a good two weeks and have enjoyed lots of time in the sunshine in the garden.  We are always pleased to see our indoor house in the evening though. It is best of all when it has just been cleaned.  This happens every week.  When we arrive back in our freshly cleaned house we run round and round in little circles and squeak and rumble at each other.  Sometime we kick our legs in the air too.  The humans think this is very funny.  We have heard them laughing and one of them - the biggest one with a squeaky voice - said this " Ces petits cochons d'Indes sont fous".  Now can you guess who is looking after us?  What did she say?


Here are some pictures of us enjoying a lovely, clean house.


Smartie and Oreo

Hello Everyone, 


We hope you had a lovely time over Easter.  Something very strange happened in the garden here last weekend .  We think it was on the Sunday morning.  When we looked out of our garden house we could see something shiny and round on the grass just outside the door.  Then the younger humans came into the garden and started hunting for things.  One of them picked up the round shiny thing, unwrapped it and ate it!  It smelled very sweet.  Not the sort of thing guinea pigs would like to eat at all.  However, it must have been a special day, because that evening we were given a big juicy broccoli stalk to gnaw on.  Delicious!   Do you think you can work out what was going on that day?  There hasn't been any excitement like that in the garden before or since!  Oh, apart from the time the chickens escaped, but that's a story for another day...


Here is an Easter picture of us! 

Friday 3rd April


Hello Everyone.  We didn't like to tell you this yesterday, but we were finding climbing down the ladder out of our hayloft a little trickier than going up it !  However, today we have practised this lots and got so much better at it.  Tonight when the humans came to watch us in action, we were really just showing off, as you can see!   


There are some very noisy birds who live in the garden here.  The human with the deepest voice goes to visit them every morning, and we are sure we have heard him ask them if they have laid any eggs !  Can you guess who we are staying with yet?


Have a lovely break over the Easter holiday.


Smartie and Oreo

Thursday 2nd April


Hello again!  We spent the afternoon in the garden again today and got quite a lot of exercise.  That was because the biggest human with a squeaky voice ( who seems to be called "Mum")  wanted to see us in action on the ladder to our hayloft.  We are very good and cooperative guinea pigs, so  we trotted up there for her, as you can see.  Oreo can scamper up there really quickly but Smartie prefers to take things more steadily!  We are proud of ourselves for learning this new trick.  We hope you are too!

Wednesday 1st April


Hello Everyone,


Today wasn't very sunny where we are, but we still managed to play outside and hope you did too.  We have worked out how to get up the ladder in our outdoor house !  This means that when the wind starts to blow we can snuggle up in the little hayloft which is up there.  We will try and send a picture of us using the ladder, but this might take a few days as we are quite camera-shy!  In the meantime here is Smartie enjoying some pampering in the sunshine last weekend.


We are sending you warm and sunny thoughts


Smartie and Oreo

Tuesday 31st March.


Hello again, 


Today you can see a proper picture of our outdoor home. ( We still sleep indoors at night, in our cage from school, so that we stay warm and cosy!)  This morning our humans moved the hutch to a new patch of fresh, green grass.  Yum, it was delicious!

We have worked out that there are five humans in this family who are looking after us.  Two of them have deep down voices, and three of them have higher and squeakier voices, but not as squeaky as ours, of course!  Has anyone guessed where we are yet?


Smartie and Oreo

Enjoying the sunshine!

Hello Class 1, 


This is a message from Smartie and Oreo!  We are missing you all lots, but are settling into our holiday home really well.  It is quite exciting because we have an outdoor hutch which we can use during the day.  It sits on the lawn and we are enjoying nibbling the grass, as you can see from this photo.  Has anybody guessed where we might be staying yet?  Do let us know what you think!