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Home Learning - Weekly Time Tables and Resources


Morning Class 4! I am gutted that we have been put into lockdown again and I won't get to see you in person for a few weeks. I hope you are all thinking positively like I am - the more people being vaccinated and the more we stay at home, the sooner we can get back to normal!


In the mean time, this is how we are going to be learning:

  • ALL tasks, resources, links, explanations will be on the HOME LEARNING pages
  • The work placed online will be the same work that we would have been doing had we been in school, so following the same medium and long term planning
  • the weekly timetable will be posted on Monday morning under the relevant date
  • Each task for maths and English will be posted under the relevant week and day, e.g the English work and instructions for Wednesday's lessons will be under English - week commencing 04.01.21 - Wednesday
  • English lessons will be the same for years 5 and 6, other than spelling, which have their own pages 
  • Maths lessons are separated into year 5 and 6, but will follow the same concept having different tasks to complete, for example both year groups are currently working on short division, but the year 5 tasks are different to the year 6 tasks.
  • All other subject areas will be the same tasks and outcomes for both year groups
  • The instructions resources can be found under the relevant links on the class pages, so for example if the timetable says it is a Topic lesson, click on the relevant week for the Topic/Explore link
  • Each week at least, send some examples of your work via the class 4 email address so I can keep an eye on what you are doing and give you feedback. If you want to send more regularly that once a week that is great! I will feedback on whatever you send in! 



Each week resources that are printable can be printed here by me and you will be able to collect resources at given slots (to be confirmed by Mrs Brown). The main resources that might need printing are maths worksheets. However, if you have a printer, or are happy to work from a screen, feel free to crack on! It is quite a logistical effort to prepare and print all of these for each child for the entire week!

If there are other resources, such as pens and pencils that you would like, I can add these to the pack as well.

Please email in advance to the class 4 page and I can have a pack ready for when it is your allocated collection slot.


Every Thursday lunchtime, 12 o'clock, we will have a Zoom catch up meeting. This will allow some face to face contact and also give you a chance to ask any questions about the work that you may have. I have chosen Thursday as by this point in the week you may need some help with something. 

If you need any help earlier than this, please email the class 4 email and I can assist! That is what I am here for!


If you have any questions about anything, at any point, please email the class 4 email.


I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday already!




Mr Owen-Jones

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