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Home Learning - Weekly Time Tables and Resources

Home learning timetable for week commencing 1.06.20

WB 1.6.20

Art   - Monday


How can we use visual texture to add interest to our artwork?

In this lesson, we are going to look at how Vincent van Gogh used visual texture in his sketchbook, then explore pencils and mark-making to enhance our own work.


Art -  Friday. ( or can you continue with your science research : see below)


Optical Illusions and using shading to show form

In this lesson we will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.




The private rocket company SpaceX has sent two Nasa astronauts into orbit on Saturday.

It's the first time since the retirement of the shuttles nine years ago that an American crew has made the journey from US territory.

Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are not only trialling a new capsule system, they are also initiating a new business model for Nasa.


Watch the launch here:

Visit the Nasa website  ( see below) and explore.  Find something that you want to investigate and research and then produce a poster or model to show your findings.


Be as creative as you want…


Home learning timetable for week commencing 18.05.20

Year 5 Maths for week commencing 18.05.20



This week, I would like you to look at a further skill to add to your talents: perspective drawing. It is one of the skills taken from the content cards and something we would be covering if we were in school.


If you follow the link below to the Bitesized video clips, it shows you how to use objects on the horizon to create perspective in terms of objects in the distance and objects in the foreground.


When you have watched the clip, I would love it if you could produce a piece of work that shows what you have understood. As an additional focus, instead of drawing any piece of art, it would be brilliant if you could show off your perspective art to draw a famous building, linked to the architect, Norman Foster or if this is too challnging, have a go at drawing your house!


Good luck!


Please follow the link below.

Home learning timetable for week commencing 11.05.20

Year 5 maths for week commencing 11.05.20

A change for English this week


For a change of English task this week, I have added a link to The Oak National Academy website.


Here you will find a schedule of lessons for the week. Each schedule has 3 lessons a day. I am only asking you to do the English lessons, which have a more reading focus. You can do the foundation lesson if you wish but that is not the essential lessons I am setting for you.


There are lessons for each day, so I suggest you spend 20 minutes a day practising spelling, and then do the English lesson.


Art lessons and resources


This week I saw a piece of artwork online that has inspired me to set this as a challenge for you. I have also sent it to the rest of the teachers so everyone in school is having a go, and I think it could make an amazing display!


This link takes you to the picture and a news report about it.


Your task is to create a Banksy style picture, thinking about the shading styles you have worked on the last two weeks. My only stipulations or requirements are that you only use pencil, or black, apart from including a red cross, to celebrate our front line workers. Other than that, it is up to you! 


Get your parents to email me your pictures, and have them ready for the Zoom on wednesday!


Happy designing!

DT and RE


Our topic is create, and at this point, we have focused mainly on art so I thought this week we would begin to look at the Design and Technology elements.


I am aware that not everyone will have access to materials to create many projects, so I am choosing to look at the design processes. 


Architecture is very heavily linked to designing and uses lots of skills outlined on our school content cards for years 5 and 6.


In RE, I would like you to research different places of worship, ideally in Nottinghamshire. You can compare them, draw them, research them individually, look at architectural features, whatever you find interesting. 


In DT, I would like you to research the architect Sir Norman Foster. I am leaving this very open, so whatever you find out is independent and different to others in the class. You can choose to focus on one element of his life, of his work, or on an individual building or range of buildings he designed. It is up to you.


For both RE and DT tasks, how you present your information is up to you. You can make a booklet, a PowerPoint, a poster, a quiz, a double page spread. It really is up to you and how in depth you wish to go. Hopefully you will be immersed and could produce a variety of pieces of work!


The tasks I am setting for RE and DT are aimed to keep you busty for the next 2 weeks and over half term, so please to panic and try to cram it all in this week!


As always, please get your parents to email me your tasks when complete, and I will share them on the website!

Home learning timetable for week commencing 04.05.20

Year 6 Maths


Hi everyone. The link below to this week's maths takes you to the White Rose Maths page. It opens up on a fractions sequence, so to get to ratio, you need to click the - symbol and the menu will close to show the weekly dates. 


Click on the + symbol for 'Week 1' 


This is the sequence for Ratio.


Hope this makes sense. Sorry the link is not as precise as I had hoped.


Any problems, drop me an email.


See you Wednesday!




Mr Owen-Jones 

Year 5 Maths for week commencing 04.05.20

Grammar and Punctuation: week commencing 04.05.20


This week, remind yourselves what Modal verbs are; it might be a useful bit of revision that could assist in your writing and should even improve your grammar.

Art Resources


This week's art focus should built on the shading techniques you looked at last week.


The link below is to a Youtube video on techniques that allow you to blend and shade using coloured pencils.


Have a practise...this skill could come in handy for another task this week...

VE Day


This Friday sees the commemoration of VE Day. Mrs Turner has kindly put together a bank of fab ideas to pick and choose from. There are art and DT ideas, as well as resources to look at.


What would be amazing to link it to our art focus, is to choose one of the art pieces, and see if you can apply your newly practised shading and blending skills.


Please email any art or DT you do for VE day so I can upload them to the sharing page of the home learning section!

Year 5 Maths


Year 5 Maths WB: 27.4.20

Hi wonderful Year 5’s, 

I hope you are all happy, healthy and working hard with your maths. 

To access this weeks maths lessons, please click the following link that will take you to the White Rose Maths home learning website and follow the steps below.  There are 5 lessons to complete this week, one for each day. 

I’m really excited to see you all on Wednesday for our Zoom drop in workshop. Your link will be emailed out closer to the time.


Step 1 – Select Week 1 

Step 2 -  Watch the video. Make sure you enlarge the video to the full page. 

Step 3  - Select ‘Get the Activity’. You can print it if you have access to a printer or just write the answers on a piece of paper.

Step 4 – You can self-mark your work with a coloured pen and complete any corrections. Remember there will be some answers that will have multiple answers so your answer might not be on the answer sheet. Don’t Worry!

Please do not spend any longer than 1 hour a day on your maths work. Just do as much as you can. 

Good Luck Guys. Happy maths lessons!


Year 5 Maths - week commencing 27.04.2020

Year 6 Maths

Below I have added the links to the week's maths focuses.


Watch the lesson, have a go at the activities. If you are confident, have a go at the same focus in your revision books.


Remember, you can log into the Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 10am if you need some help.



Grammar for week commencing 27th April


Below is the link to the BBC grammar lesson on Active and Passive verbs.


We have covered this in class so it should be revision.

Art Resources


This term is our Create focus. I have linked the content cards from the school website to show what the year group outcomes for this topic.


Year 5:

Year 6:


This week in Topic work, we are focusing on Art. Specifically, shading techniques.


The following link to Youtube looks at how to create textures through shading and talks about the light source.


Watch the clip and try to practise each method.


Choose your favourite/most confident method and create a creature made of that material you have textured.


Email or blog your finished creatures!


Happy drawing!


Useful links