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Home Learning - Weekly Time Tables and Resources

Hi ,here is the link to the Lent PPt

Lent.ppt (


Here is the Oak academy link for today.

Men and women at work (

Separating materials sheet.

Spellings Y4 11.1.21

Spellings Y3 11.1.21

Home Learning timetable 4.1.2021

Learning to Learn Homework Spring 2021

Learning to Learn homework for Autumn term

Spellings Y3 23.11.20

Spellings Y4 23.11.20

Spellings Y4 16.11.20

Spellings Y3 16.11.20

Back to school! Week 1 time table

Wednesday's English Resources

Thursday's PSHE - An Amazing Fact a Day

Friday's English Resources

Tuesday's English Resources

Friday's English Activities

Wednesday 1st July English Resources

Thursday 2nd July English Resources

Thursday 2nd July French Resources

Friday 3rd July English Resources


Have a go at giving your opinion about the subjects you study at school,  in French of course!


Mrs. Lark

Key worker activity resource

Topic Resources for Monday 15th June 2020

P.E. Nottingham Schools Games Activities - Please read timetable or P.E. page on website



Mrs Lark was super excited, and worked very hard to ensure that you had access to learning at home for Modern Foreign Languages (French in this case).


There are 3 activities so far that Mrs Lark has set for you in class 3. Read the instructions carefully below, provided by Mrs Lark herself. The instructions link to the activities below this post.


Activity 1


Listen to a great song about clothes and colours, and see if you can join in.  Then have a go at using a bi-lingual dictionary online.  I think you will enjoy this week's French a lot!


Activity 2


Here are some more activities about clothes, which follow on from last week's lesson.  Have fun!


Activity 3


In this part of your French lesson you will visit a primary school in Marseille, a city in the south of France.  


The activities below are for you to have a go at. You will need to read the instructions on each and give it your best shot! 


You don't need to do them all - Have a go at what you can today, then use the rest when you have time next week! 


Take care and enjoy.


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

Hi Class 3,


Please see the video resource centre for a guide on Wednesday's English lesson. This will cover the access to, and the use of the website that you will need to use in order to create your own superhero.


Also, because this project is one that Isabel (year 6) and Alison have helped to set for you to do, there is an example of Isabel's work below. This PowerPoint is what her work looked like AFTER note making in her exercise book, designing her superheroes, making fact files for them both and creating a backstory for each. Isabel then put all of this information together on a PowerPoint AFTER writing most of it into her book and editing. 

Please use this PowerPoint as a guide/example. It should give you a good understanding of what to do.


Enjoy the creative project!


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson


Isabel's (year 6) example of your English project this week

Isabel (Year 6) and Alison's examples for you

Letters for creation (R.E.) W/C 8th June

Art for W/C 1st June 2020

R.E. resource for W/C 1st June 2020

Science for W/C 1st June 2020

Maths resources for Friday 22nd May 2020


The resources for today's maths challenge can be accessed through the link on the timetable. 

The answers can also be found there so that you can check your answers at the end. 

If you have made a mistake, try to spot what you did wrong and correct it.

Remember, mistakes are absolutely fine, they help us learn!


Have fun.

English resources for Tuesday 19th May

Science - Instant ice-cream w/c 18th May 2020

Mystery at Langar!

Art W/C 11th May 2020

P.E. overview of skills and challenges

Outdoor learning activity for Wednesday

Purple Mash


There will be a number of activities for you to complete on Purple Mash to go alongside the work on the timetable. These should show up as 2do's on your account and will have a deadline of Friday 8th May. 


Have a great week and enjoy the activities that you attempt! 


Purple Mash Sabbath activity explained

Still image for this video
Have a go at this activity on your 2Do list, but make sure you have attempted the home learning activity on the time table for this week before you do!