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Week commencing 19th July


As usual, there is spelling for our English session. Words with suffixes, which are uploaded in the usual spelling section if you scroll down.


The rest of the morning, both Monday and Tuesday are maths based. We are finishing the work on shape by looking at regular and irregular shapes, as well as 3D shapes. 


In the afternoon on Monday, we have PE and will then perform our own Act 4, Scene 1 versions of Macbeth.



English work for Wednesday and Thursday 13th and 14th of July


Re-read Act 4, Scene 1 dialogue


Look at the rhyming features 


Re-create your own version, looking at disgusting ingredients that rhyme!


Perform your version. Film it and send it in if you are feeling brave!

Maths work for Wednesday 14.07.21


I am uploading a lesson from White Rose that follows on from the measuring angles we have been doing. If you do not have a protractor, do not panic. I will make sure there are tasks with and without so you can do them!

Science Work for 13.07.21

Self-esteem focus


Look at the Powerpoint slides 1 and 2 one at a time. On each slide, consider the questions. Give your answers with reasons as to why you have settled on those answers.


On slide 3 there are some statistics and information. Have a read of them and reflect on them.

Why do you think this is?

Why do people take such care in their appearance?


Next, look at the 'gingrbread' body outlines attached.

Think about the headings, Real self and Ideal self. Are there things about your character you would like to work on?

Please do not focus on appearance. This task is not a list of negatives about yourself!


Finally, look at the self-esteem smoothie attached.

Which elements of Mind, Body and Spirit do you think are important? What would you like to develop about yourself. 

Create a smoothie of your own! Think carefully about the ingredients you would use.

Feel free to make a mix up of the 3 types.


Hopefully see you tomorrow!  


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