School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Isolated learning from home tasks

Dear parents/carers/children,


Please use the links below to access activities for both maths and English revision.
The maths work is specific, and related directly to the ongoing learning in Class 3.
Unfortunately, the English work would require the class text, amongst other resources, to ensure that the same, or similar, experience could be had. 
Due to this not being possible, please see the links to English grammar and the Once Upon a Picture website link. 
These websites can be accessed in order to revise grammar and punctuation - which all children in Class 3 will be doing between now and the end of the term. 
Once Upon a Picture is there to help develop reading inference and creative writing. Accompanying each image, there are a set of questions and/or instructions for the children. I would recommend looking at the inference or fiction collection. These pictures will be familiar to the children and some of the tasks may be similar to that which have taken place in Class 3.

Spellings for the week can be accessed on the class home learning page as per usual, and all fluency facts that are worked on in Class 3 are on the class home learning page as well.
If you have access to PurpleMash, this will be used to set activities for the children that are away. Science is already set, and a video to support the activity can be found below.
For our topic (Art) work this week, Class 3 looked at Salvador Dali and his art works. We also took note of his eccentric fashion sense. The children used a mirror to identify the features of their face, and to draw a portrait of themselves. They then styled a moustache onto their portraits in the style of Salvador Dali. This is something that could be done at home. Stay tuned for more Salvador Dali work next week! 
Other foundation subjects will be set on here as well, starting this weekend.

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the office and ask to speak to me.


Kind regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson