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Langar Church of England Primary School

Let's Get Cooking

We believe that cooking is a core life skill, and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to plan, cook and enjoy delicious and wholesome dishes.  


Let's Get Cooking is a hands on programme, teaching children about food and how to cook healthy meals from scratch. Alongside this, it teaches children the importance of health and nutrition and skills that will set them up for life.


All the recipes used in Let's Get Cooking have been nutritionally analysed and every fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content are shown for the amounts per portion.


Dietary requirements are considered when planning and cooking. It is the responsibility of parents to provide school with this information. Please speak to Mrs Petchell and Mrs Selby in order to make them aware of these needs before your child starts this session.


Children are encouraged to try new things  through the senses of touch, small and taste. Recipes are sent home following a session so that families and friends can also share and enjoy the products produced.



Key Skills

Leaning to Learn skills are all used during Let's Get Cooking - Problem Solving, Teamwork, Self-Mangers, Creativity and Reflection


Confidence - The 'I made that' feeling boosts self-esteem and gives a sense of achievement, especially for children who struggle to keep up with their peers in other areas


Concentration - Cooking is hands-on and there's a visible change at every step which can encourage concentration


Curriculum Links - Cooking and nutrition activities are great for demonstrating essential maths, English and science concepts in practice


Firm Friendships - Enjoying food together can start good relationships within groups


Communication and Teamwork - Whether it's sharing small cooking tasks or working together to host an event, cooks learn to express their ideas, listen to others and co-operate to achieve their goals


Calm - Step by step instructions, a place for everything and the ground rules of a safe kitchen can be very reassuring. For some people cooking provides an oasis of calm in a world that can be over-whelming or hard to understand


Independence - Being able to choose and prepare nutritious food, and plan and budget for meals, are important for independence and well-being


Food Fearless - Knowing what is in dishes helps children overcome food fears and enjoy a wider variety of foods


Co-ordination and Fine Motor Skills - Mixing, rubbing in and grating: cooking skills develop co-ordination and dexterity in a fun and creative way


Help with Allergies, Intolerances and Special Diets - For anyone who needs to avoid certain ingredients, giving them and their family the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, taking control of their food and tailoring dishes to suit their needs