School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Good afternoon Class 4. It is geography time.


If you haven't had time to finish your map work from last week, please try and use some time this afternoon to complete it - they look great when finished; check out Sam's on the home learning visual display board.


For this week's Topic I am setting a few tasks, so these are designed to keep you busy during Monday and Thursday's lessons.  I will review with you on the zoom on Thursday to see if you need more time or if we are ready to move on on Friday.



  • Research and produce a fact file, power point, or poster about the man-made and natural landmarks/features of The United States of America.
  • There are many of these, so the minimum I would like is information on 1 man-made, and 1 natural location. At the other end of the spectrum, do not do more than 4 of each. I would rather you produce a quality, well researched piece of work, rather than just a list of locations.
  • When researching, think about the questions you would like to know the answers to. For example:
  • Where is it in the USA? Which state is it in?
  • When was it build?
  • Who built it?
  • Why was it build?
  • How was it built?
  • If it is natural, the same questions might not apply, so think carefully about what you want to find out and present about these.


Below I am going to upload some resources from topic books from school, so try not to just use google! 

Remember, any facts you find need to be checked with another source and then written into your own words to show your understanding. Do not just copy and paste!