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Afternoon class 4!


Today we are looking more closely at a man made landmark in North America. Some of you have already looked at this as it is one of the places you chose to research last week, so lucky you!


The Grand Canyon...

Below I have posted links to 3 videos about The Grand Canyon. 



  • watch all 3 videos. Watch them in order, 1 to 3, as they get more detailed each time. You may need to watch them more than once, especially number 3, as they are quite detailed and have some tricky vocabulary in
  • I am also adding some links to sites that have information on. 
  • As an outcome, I would like you to create a poster/story map/comic strip to show how The Grand Canyon was formed. 
  • This is quite a tricky process, so you can be as detailed or as basic as you choose. 
  • You should all be able to understand the basic principle of how it was formed by tectonic plates and then shaped by water - there is a clue for you.
  • Those of you that want to be detailed may find it useful to make notes on the videos and use these to help.
  • You can label the images on your poster/story map/diagram however you wish. You could write captions underneath pictures, add text boxes with information about the stage of the development of the canyon, or list the events in order. The choice is yours.

Good luck!