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Langar Church of England Primary School


Charanga Progression

Charanga Skills and Knowldege

Breadth of Study


Controlling sounds through singing.


Perform with an awareness of others. Take part in a group singing performance.


Create patterns with their own voices (high, low to investigate pitch, quiet, loud for dynamics, long short for duration).

Controlling sounds by playing

Make and control long and short sounds (duration).

Investigate pitch by using  chime bars, copying high and low notes.

Creating and developing musical ideas (composing)


Create a sequence of long and short sounds with help (duration).

Clap longer rhythms with help.

Make different sounds (high and low– pitch; loud and quiet– dynamics; fast and slow-tempo; quality of the sound- smooth, crisp, scratchy, rattling, tinkling etc.– timbre)

Responding and reviewing (appraising)

Hear, listen and respond to the pulse in music.

Hear, listen and respond to different moods in music.

Identify texture– one sound or several sounds? 

Choose sounds to represent different things (ideas, thoughts and feelings)

Listening and applying knowledge and understanding

Listen for different types of sounds. Know how sounds are made and changed.

Make sounds with a slight difference, with help.

Use voice in different ways to create different effects.