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Langar Church of England Primary School


Breadth of Study


Location and place knowledge

Ask what a place is like.


Tell others what I like and dislike about place


Use words and pictures to help me to describe places


Use books and stories to help me find out about places


Draw a place I am finding out about

Human & Physical


Say what a type of building is e.g. shop, house, farm.


Say what places are like using words and phrases such as built up, noisy, busy, quiet, farm land, hills, streets, roads, woods and coastline


Take photographs of the locality and use them back in the classroom to help me describe the place


Say how a place is similar/different e.g. This is a busy/built up/ farming/ seaside/countryside place, just like… This is a quiet place but …is a busy noisy place


Keep a class weather chart throughout the school year and discuss changes.


Suggest ways we could improve somewhere near the school.