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Rushcliffe Learning Alliance


Ofsted states that:-

‘Partnerships are at the heart of effectively meeting the needs of learners, employers and other stakeholders.’

In the current educational climate, schools have to deal with budget pressures, increasing and tougher external scrutiny, radical changes to the curriculum and assessment, the reduced support from the Local Authority and many other issues. When schools are expected to become more ‘independent’, it would be easy for Head Teachers and governors to feel increasingly isolated and unsupported. The Rushcliffe Learning Alliance (RLA) was therefore formed in response to schools seeking support to face these increasingly difficult times, whilst trying to do their very best for the children in their schools.

The RLA recognises that children will benefit most when:-

  • Schools work together cooperatively, with staff sharing good practice and expertise in an open, collaborative and non-judgemental way.

The RLA is as inclusive as possible, so that all schools can contribute to and benefit from the strength and advantages that come from joint working and the sharing of good practice. It has firm foundations with a clear moral purpose and entitlements, and responsibilities that are supported by all the schools.

The agreed priorities for the forthcoming year are to:-

  • Continue to provide CPD activities for staff;
  • Continue to encourage school business managers to work together on procurement;
  • Share good practice on quality assurance – particularly with the new processes that will be needed to deal with a revised curriculum and assessment arrangements;
  • Look together at how best to improve children’s learning and teaching.

These priorities have the potential to help every school and therefore all the children in them.

For a  relatively small investment, schools will have access to a professionally run, supportive and inclusive organisation, whose only aim is to do what we are all trying to do already, only better.


Adapted from a letter to governors, written by Peter Foale (Kinoulton School Governor and Director of the RLA)


Summer 2014