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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


For your writing task this week I am keeping it quite simple. I would like you to write 2-4 paragraphs describing you entering C Bean and imagining the things and the place you thought about in your task yesterday.


Basically, you are re-writing an extract from the chapter but imagining the things you want, and visiting a place you want to.


You can write it as a blog, or as a first person narrative, I do not mind.

As always, the emphasis is on describing the parts that you want the reader to focus on. Make sure your vocabulary choices are deliberate and chosen for a purpose.

Can you infer rather than tell.


Write your work on the Sea Bean blog post.

Read other people's and leave feedback based on the criteria for the task.

Is it descriptive and not telling?

Are the vocabulary choices purposeful and effective?

Do you enjoy reading it?

Relate your feedback to these points.


Good luck!