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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


Today's English focus is planned to last today and tomorrow. As always during home learning, Thursday and Friday has a writing focus.


Today I would like you to create a double page spread (either on the computer of hand written) about The Big Apple!


Hopefully you will know what this is based on yesterday's reading of chapter 5, but if not, re-read chapter 5!



  • research the places Alice visits: Central Park, Broadway and The American Museum of Natural History
  • If you cannot find any information on these places, find other landmarks or facts about NYC
  • As always, your work should be researched by you, notes taken and re-written in your own words. I will be able to tell if it is copied and pasted!
  • Presentation and choice of pictures is up to you.
  • Think about the other features of a non-fiction text you could include: a glossary, headings, sub-headings.

I am looking forward to you taking me on a tour of NYC!


Good luck!