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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


Our final writing focus for this half term is going to be based on the amazing Sector 7 that you looked at yesterday.


I am giving you a choice:

  • write a blog entry as the boy from the story about his day 
  • write a narrative describing a few scenes in the story, concentrating full on the showing and inferring, not just telling!
  • write a narrative as the boy, again focusing on the descriptions. 


Which ever option you choose, think carefully about the part of the story you would like to write. I would avoid trying to write the whole story as there is so much to write about. You could write 3 or 4 paragraphs just on the boy being on the bus arriving into the city, so choose carefully.


This is due to be done today and Friday, so as usual, write your first draft, upload it to the Sea Bean blog page on purple mash, and then respond to people's feedback.


I'll look forward to reading them!


Good luck