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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


Today is world book day!!


Hopefully I will be seeing you all dressed up in the Zoom at 12, but don't panic if you aren't in an outfit. It would be great if we can share the tasks I am about to set (the one I mentioned in Monday's Zoom).



  • Write a book review of your favourite book. Think about the features of a book review. Have a look online at some examples if you like.
  • Compose/draft and rehearse a voice-over for a movie of your book. You can choose the same book as your review, or a different one. Again, you can choose to look online and listen to some film trailers for inspiration. Remember to practice your voice over voice!
  • Come to the Zoom with either your book review and/or your voice over to share with everyone. We will only have time to listen to one from each person.