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Langar Church of England Primary School


Good morning class 4!


For today's English lesson, we are going to concentrate on the character of Alice from Sea Bean. 


Your first task is to re-read chapter 1 - Baby Kit.


As you are reading, I would like you to write down as many facts and opinions about Alice as you can find. Write these in a brainstorm around the picture of 'Alice'.

You can use the character outline image that I have added below, or you can sketch your own.


Some of the facts are straight forward to find. There are some other pieces of information about her character traits (her personality that makes her who she is) and her life that you have to infer. 

Remember, if you have an opinion about her personality, where is the evidence in the text to support this? If you think she is brave or funny, how do you know?


By the end of the chapter you should have a page of characteristics and facts about Alice - you have created a character profile.


As an extension task, write a short paragraph about how you think Alice's feelings changed during the chapter.

  • Think about how she felt hearing the story about the babies
  • How did she feel when hearing her baby brother was arriving
  • How did she feel at the end of the chapter when he arrived safely?
  • As always, how do you know? Where is your evidence? 


Good luck!