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Morning class 4!


Today and tomorrow in English is our writing sessions. The outcome you are going to be working towards is a 2 - 4 paragraph narrative describing the day when you received, found, made your item that you brought to show and tell yesterday.


The annotating of the picture you did as the task from yesterday will help you with this as it was the first part of your plan, so if you haven't completed this, or have only written a few things, it might be worth while having a few more minutes working on this. The more thought you put in now, the easier it will be to have vocabulary, thoughts and emotions to talk about in your writing.


Task and hints

  • re-read the pages from Sea Bean below, where Alice finds the black box
  • read the pages from Street Child, where Jim buys the Pie.
  • both of these sections of text are describing a character finding or receiving something 
  • You are going to write 2-4 paragraphs describing you getting your item
  • Think about what we would do in the classroom. Compare these texts, look for features, phrases, that help describe the scene, the moment the character gets the item, how they react to it, physically, emotionally
  • 1st paragraph sets the scene. As always, think about the information and picture you want the person reading your piece of work to have in their imagination
  • Where were you, who were you with, how were you feeling
  • How are you going to describe your feelings? Think about showing and inferring, not just telling!
  • Post your narratives on the Sea Bean blog page of Purple Mash. 
  • Read someone else's and give them some constructive feedback


This task is for Friday's session too, so don't feel that you have to have planned, drafted, edited and published this all today.


If you do get it finished, make sure you read your work through.

Edit it as you would in school. 

Are you happy with every word choice? Does it have the effect on the writing you are hoping for?


If you post it on the blog, and you receive feedback, go back and edit your work if you think the feedback has been helpful!