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Hi class 4.


Just a quick notice:


the answer to today's question 1) 163 divided by 15 is NOT 10 remainder 10. It should be 10 remainder 13


The answer sheet is wrong!

Hi everyone!


Both year 5 and 6 are doing the same Long division lessons and tasks, so I am just uploading it on one page rather splitting in to year 5 and year 6 pages for the next few days.


Here is the Long division 3 tasks.


As some feedback, from some of the work that you have sent in, you are doing really well, as long division is quite challenging to understand where the different numbers and digits need to go. Keep up the good work!


One thing to focus on is making sure you are using the long division method, not just using short division method to solve the questions where there is a 2 digit divisor. You can do this, however, when calculating large remainders, you are likely to make an error if doing this mentally, whereas long division method allows you to set up column subtraction to calculate remainders. 

If you are finding this difficult, keep practising, and I can assist you on Thursday, or before should you feel like you are really finding it difficult.


Good luck!