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Langar Church of England Primary School


​​​​​​Morning class again!


This morning in English, your focus is grammar. We are carrying on with the focus on sentence types and structure, giving you tools to use to improve your writing.


Today's lesson is the next Oak Academy lesson on complex sentences. Last week we looked at compound sentences. If you want to re-watch the compound sentence lesson before starting this one, the link is below.



  • What is a sentence? What 2 structures does a sentence require? 
  • What does compound mean?
  • How do you join two simple sentences together? 


Today's lesson should be revision, as you have been learning about subordinate clauses since year 3, however, as usual, it gets trickier! 

The video linked below explains all that you need to know. I have, however, linked my teaching slides below, as I would like you to have a real sense of what the word subordinate means.

Most people will say a subordinate clause doesn't make sense on its own and things like this, but I think that is a bit wishy washy. If you really understand what subordinate means, it should help you! Think in particular about Gru and his minions!


Good luck! Let me know if you need any help be emailing the class 4 email.