Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Your Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Brown and Mrs Richardson. Get in touch with any concerns.
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Langar Church of England Primary School

Usernames and passwords

Hi everyone. I have listed the class' passwords for below. I am trusting you not to log in as anyone other than yourselves, so please only use your own log in.




Name                    (not so secret) word

Alfie                                     every possible

Alicia                                   visit become

Charlie                                fruit notice

Evan                                    chance book

Florence                             actually tiny

Helena                                soil boat

Isabel                                  drop south

Katie                                    stand mine

Lara                                     cross located

Maisie                                 save talk

Martha                                strange place

Mia                                      corn food

Morgan                               look flat

Olivia                                   melody object

Peyton                                material called

Robert                                 main though

Samson                               into give


Xander                                count wall

Lexx                                     read planets

Bethan                                thin simple

Cate                                     under only

Connie                                room easy

Immie                                  hair grow

Jack                                     explain shape

Laurie                                  create sense

Lily                                       fingers wall

Tilly                                      morning strange

Molly                                   soon seemed

Sam                                     single verb