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Class 3 in Victorian Prison

Look at our amazing Viking Longboats!

More of your wonderful work!

Harry's enrichment cookery

Home learning from w/b11.1.21

Arlen's money box

George's dragon egg

Edward's work, eggs and dye.Jude's Science

1, 2, 3, look at me!


It's not me saying this for once, it's the amazing work that has gone on throughout your time at home.


Take a look at the submissions all the way down to the Greek Vase work. Everything above this is the most recent work to date. 


Enjoy looking through each others PowerPoints, pictures and work. If there's anything you've sent me that hasn't made it onto here, that you would like to share, please let me know via the weekly email that you send me.


Enjoy browsing! 


Mr. Z-G

Take the time to celebrate some of your AMAZING work and experiences!

Check out Sonny's week - He has made a challenge for you all!

Isabel's Weekly Update

Reece's Weekly Update

Sophie M's Weekly Update + Greek List + Centaur PowerPoint

Check out the work and experiences some of your class mates have had over the past 2 weeks

Greek Vases

Classroom designs for class 3

Ben has enjoyed spending time baking at home.

Busola has been working hard, helping out in the kitchen.

Sophie has been exploring Judaism and finding out more about clouds.

Katelyn's wonderful map of the local area

Isabel has worked hard with her spelling and fraction work!

Reece has been exploring what density is.

Using her I.T. skills, Sophie M created a wonderful slideshow to present the sweets she has designed. Sophie would like to share these with everyone.

Eva has continued the routine of taking part in collective worship at home. I'm sure she would like to share this. Well done you!

And a fitting prayer for the current situation, beautifully written and carefully thought out by Sophie P. Thank you for sharing this.

Esme has been hard at work in maths. It's great to see that presentation has been kept at such a high standard.

Harrison has made the best of the weather taking the opportunity to get outside for P.E. and outdoor learning.

Mollie has been using her scientific skills to explore states of matter at home. It looks like she had lots of fun!

Sophie P has brilliantly displayed her learning in Science about states of matter, and her work with money in Maths.

Millie-Ray's amazing work over Easter!

Sonny has been very creative at home, making his own creature from natural materials and creating his very own rain stick!