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Home Learning Stars - Virtual Display Board

Isabel's creative, artistic flare on show

Isabel created her own superheroes (MarvelHQ website) and gave them a back story.

Places of Worship in Nottinghamshire by Jack

Xander's Norman Foster Work

Molly's delicious dessert

Lexx's abstract portrait

Molly's perspective art

Immy's fractions

Laurie's King Kong

Helena making circular lasagne

The Murrays hard at it!

Places or Worship by Laurie

Cooking with Connie

Circuits with Laurie

Still image for this video

Tilly dropping her teddy!

Still image for this video

Cate in the garden

Molly's science investigation

Alfie celebrating VE Day

Molly's creative levers!

Martha's beautiful art work

Jack's levers demonstration

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Watch Jack show how effective levers can be when moving something that would otherwise be impossible!

Sam being Sam!

Cate's art work

The Murray sisters

Jack's Egyptian Duck

Lily's writing

Mia's Creature sketch

Robert's grammar

Alfie's a chef and an engineer!

Xander's artwork

Chef Jack

Martha's Mr Man

Laurie's story

Cate's puzzle...


Today I did a puzzle. Can you solve it? 

you need to work out a 3 digit combination lock

- - - 

the clues:

4 9 2 - one digit is right but in the wrong place

5 6 1 - one digit is right and in the right place

2 0 9 - all digits are wrong

4 5 1 - two digits are right but both are in the wrong place 

8 4 3 - one digit is right but in the wrong place

Can you solve it?