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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


This is your last home learning reading session! Woohoo!


The task today is to read pages 86 to 106 and answer the questions I have written for you below.


This will leave us 2 chapters to read when you come back. We can then choose if we want to keep reading and continue with the next story in the trilogy or move on to a different stimulus until Easter. We can have that conversation next week!




  1. What are the lines on a map called?
  2. Who might the Amazonian female warrior be? (General knowledge questions)
  3. Think of a synonym for 'expedition'
  4. On page 88, find evidence that shows it is raining.
  5. What evidence is there that the Amazon house had not been lived in for a while?
  6. 'moved in a sort of syrupy way' - what does this tell us? What is it inferring about the way the sea is moving?
  7. What had killed the birds that Spex found? (There are two possible answers, so have a look at this question again when you get to the bottom of page 91.
  8. Use a dictionary to find out what the word 'porous' means



Now enjoy chapter 7!