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Langar Church of England Primary School


Happy Wednesday class 4!


Half way though the week already!


For today's english lesson, we will be returning to Sea Bean. I have uploaded Chapters 1 and 2, pages 13-27 below.



  • ACTIVELY read chapters 1 and 2. You know the drill by now. Ask questions, I wonder statements, note down vocabulary you know, synonyms for vocabulary, any vocabulary you don't know.
  • Once you have done this, I would like you to write at least 5 questions about the 2 chapters. (5 questions in total)
  •  These questions can be a variety of questions types. They could be:
  • a find and copy a word or phrase meaning.....
  • Retrieval question about a character, e.g. What day was it when Alice was coming home?
  • A question that involves inference, e.g. using the actions of the character to suggest how they were feeling - How was Alice feeling on her way home from school?
  • Once you have your questions (these might be ones you have thought of during your active reading of the chapters), you can upload them onto the Sea Bean Blog page on Purple Mash
  • Your final task is to answer some other people's questions on the Sea Bean blog page. 
  • You must answer the questions sensibly - I will be checking and feeding back!
  • Think about your answers. Use one of the stem sentences to explain and prove your answer - I think this because....., or The text says.......which means.........
  • Where is the evidence to support your answer?
  • How do you know?


Good luck! I look forward to reading your questions!