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Langar Church of England Primary School


Morning class 4!


Today is a reading day! We are reading the next chapter of Sea Bean, pages 29 - off you go!


Remember to read this actively! There is no point staring at the pages, scanning the words, but not taking in any information! 



Once you have actively read the chapter, I have a few tasks for you.

  • Find an object that you would bring in to school as a show and tell
  • Have it ready for Thursday's Zoom meeting to 'show and tell' to the class
  • Draw a picture of your show and tell in the middle of a piece of paper
  • Around your picture, annotate (write) with some information about where, when, who your item came from
  • Include some descriptive vocabulary about how you feel about your item, how did you feel when you were given/bought/found your item


You will need this planning for the writing outcome for Thursday's lesson.


Good luck!