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Week commencing 01.02.21

Afternoon class 4!


Here are the resources for lesson 3 of the tourism project.


Remember, if you have not completed the previous lesson tasks, please don't worry. Do it in your own time at your own speed!

Task 1

  • Load the slide show and on slide 3, play the first video clip.
  • Look at RS 3.1 and use these cards to create a design specification for a beach. Think about how the statements on the cards influence the design of your beach and what it will need to have on/around/near it.


Task 2

  • Watch the next video
  • Look at the Sea Turtle FAQ resource
  • Edit your beach design to allow for Turtle conservation


Task 3

  • Watch the turtle nesting video
  • Read the RS 1.5 cards
  • Make any further edits to your beach design.


So, your final product from the session today should be a beach design to accommodate all users and Turtles as per the information you have been given.


How you choose to show your beach design is up to you. It could be a picture, painting, sketch, model....go for it!



BWD LS3 VIDEO LS3_Carlos1.mp4

Still image for this video

BWD LS3 VIDEO LS3_Carlos2.mp4

Still image for this video

BWD LS3 VIDEO LS3_Turtles nesting.mp4

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Afternoon class 4! 

Lesson 2 of the tourism mini project! Apologies as it should have been available on Friday, but I had a migraine and was unable to sit at my computer!


Lesson 2

In this lesson we are looking at the impact of people on an environment.

Read slide 3 then watch slide 4, the video is attached. What is the problem that they are facing?

Read slide 5 then open RS 2.1. Reflect about what is happening and why.


Open RS 2.2 - this is a big pack of resources! Read through these, look at the questions cards, and chose at least one to answers, using the information. 

How you present your answer is up to you. As always, be creative!

BWD LS2 VIDEO LS2_Sara (1).mp4

Still image for this video