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Langar Church of England Primary School

Week commencing 04.01.21

Afternoon everyone!


Your task for Geography is continuing the work we started on continents on Monday.


This task is for both Thursday and Friday afternoon's topic/geography work as it is a big one!


We are going to focus on North and South America.


Use the link below to look at an online map of North and South America.


Your task:

  • Use the sheets of the maps of both these continents attached (apologies as I have not put these in the packs I have sent out: you may have to list the countries instead)
  • Label each country in North and South America (remember central America is part of the continent of North America)
  • Colour each country in the design of that country's flag (see link to flags)
  • If you finish, as an extension, find and label the capital cities for each country
  • Tip: you may need to use a key as some of the cities and countries names will be too large to fit in the spaces you have available

Printable Blank Maps of North and South America