School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Langar Church of England Primary School

Week commencing 18.01.21

Afternoon class 4!


A quick bit of advanced week for the science lesson, which is actually lesson 2 (we will do lesson 3 today) you can have an optional task that requires toothpicks and a potato with sprouts starting. Therefore, if you want to do the practical element of next week's lesson, get toothpicks and a potato ready for next Tuesday. 


For today's lesson, we are going to do lesson 3 from the Oak academy sequence which focuses on comparing lifecycles of amphibians and insects.


First task is to watch the lesson and complete the tasks.


As an additional task, as mentioned on the Zoom yesterday, I would like you to create a poster/presentation on the lifecycle of a Fig Wasp. 

This insect is crazy!! It has a very short yet very interesting life cycle!

  • I will post links to the episode of Perfect Planet that it is featured on.
  • The time stamp (the time the information about the fig wasp is on the video) is: 4mins, 3 seconds 
  • The information is all narrated, so you may need to make notes and watch the clip a few times!
  • Try to make your poster or presentation represent the fact that the life of the wasp, as in other creatures is a cycle.


Good luck! I cannot wait to see these!