School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Langar Church of England Primary School

Week commencing 25.01.21

Afternoon Class 4!


Today's topic work is going to be a project designed to last the next few sessions, but each session will have new tasks and instructions.


If you do not finish a task for the lesson, do not panic. Just work at your own pace and move onto the next task when you are ready!



The last task focused a little on the effect of tourism in the Grand Canyon and how it impacts the local people.

The project I am setting you is based in a fictional place and will allow us to further explore the impact of tourism.


Session 1

These instructions are a little complicated, so bare with me! I will have explained these in the zoom at lunchtime so hopefully this is a recap!

  • Look at the PowerPoint
  • At slide 4, play the video
  • Use slide 6 to find Costa Rica on the map. Which continent is it in?
  • Investigate how Sonrisa compares to Langar. Use slide RS 1.2 and slide 8.
  • What is it like to live in Sonrisa? Use the character profiles RS 1.4 to help.
  • Play the news flash video clip.
  • Write down a brainstorm or list of questions about turtles and their nesting habits.
  • Use the resources FAQ1, RS 1.5 and slide 10 to create a Turtle fact file.
  • Finally complete RS 1.6

BWD LS1 VIDEO LS1_BWD_Main_film.mp4

Still image for this video

BWD LS1 VIDEO LS6_Newsflash_1.mp4

Still image for this video

Good afternoon class 4!


To continue our geography work studying the Grand Canyon, today we are going to look at people who live there...that's right, people actually live there!


Look at the PowerPoint attached.


  • Create a poster/report about the Havasupai and Hualapai Tribes
  • Focus on the headings from the PowerPoint
  • Where do they live? How do they make money? What do they eat? How do they rely on tourism?


The next few sessions this week will look at tourism, so this is the introduction to that.



  • Look at the art work done by a local child living in the Grand Canyon region




  • What do you think the symbols mean? 
  • What is the picture tell you?



  • Use the code sheet below to create your own Native American art that tells a story


  • You can draw, paint, sketch - it is up to you!