School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Weekly Home Learning Timetables and Resources March - June 2020

Also look at the PE page in our home learning section as Mr Zisaruk-Gibson has been in touch with Nottingham Forest and we have entered the 'Joy of Moving Home Learning Festival'.  You might need a whole afternoon to do this activity, so you could do it during the week or save it for the weekend to do as family fun.  Enjoy.

Sesame Street is teaching breathing and calming techniques!


Children have lots of different feelings, maybe even more so now due to the different circumstance we find ourselves in at the moment.  We are now into week 6 of not coming to school and seeing our friends, visiting family, able to go to the park, going to our after school activity clubs, and all the other lovely family things you used to do.  It might be getting a little difficult at home with frustration now.  Have a look below, it's something different and might be of some use at home.

Remember there is picture news to look at and Smartie and Oreo's blogs to read!


Mrs Brown has also put some more activities on the Home Learning page regarding Langar's History created by her talented Dad. 

Daily Phonics Lessons starting 27th April - Please take a look!

Reading Eggs free offer

Open and read!! Register by the 30th April and you receive a free 30 days reading trial.  There are lots of books and resources to access.

Caterpillar Words

These are the caterpillar words (high frequency words) your child should be able to read by the end of Reception.  At school we would send these home weekly with your child's reading books.  Please continue to learn these.  The teaching order is one row at a time.  If your child can read all these then you can move onto the Year 1 high frequency words below.  (We send these home known as Tall Wall Words)

Tall Wall Words

Once your child can read all their caterpillar words, we then move them onto their tall wall words.  We send new words home weekly with their reading books for them to learn, and you can continue this at home.  The teaching order is one row across at a time.  If they are able to read all these, then they can move onto our final set of words.  The teaching order is the same.  Please find below.
Week Beginning 20th April 2020 - What the Ladybird Heard

The Little Bookshop read What the Ladybird Heard

Week Beginning 23rd March 2020