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Langar Church of England Primary School

Year 2

Breadth of Study


Chronological Understanding

Order 3 or more people, events or using a given scale.

Use simple historical vocabulary e.g. recently, before, after, now, later, past, present

Recount changes in own life over time

Identify similarities and differences between periods

Knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past



Use information to describe the past.

Use information to describe differences between then and now.

Recount main points from a significant event in history.

Uses evidence to explain reasons why people in past acted as they did.

Historical interpretation


Look at books and pictures (and eye-witness accounts, photos, artefacts, buildings and visits, internet).

Understand why some people in the past did things.

Historical Enquiry

Look carefully at pictures or objects to find information about the past.

Ask and answer questions such as: ’what was it like for a ….?’, ‘what happened in the past?’, ‘how long ago did …. happen?’,

Estimate the ages of people by studying and describing their features.

Organisation and communication

Describe objects, people and events.

Write own date of birth.

Write simple stories and recounts about the past.

Draw labelled diagrams and write about them to tell others about people, events and objects from the past.

Roman Day