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Langar Church of England Primary School

Year 3

Breadth of Study


Chronological Understanding

Use timelines to place events in order. Understand that timeline can be divided into BC and AD.

Use historical vocabulary e.g. century, decade.

Knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past



Use evidence to describe past e.g. Houses and settlements, Culture and leisure activities, Clothes, way of life and actions of people, Buildings and their uses, People’s beliefs and attitudes, Things of importance to people

Differences between lives of rich and poor

Use evidence to find out how any of these may have changed during a time period.

Describe similarities and differences between people, events and objects

Show changes on a timeline

Historical interpretation


Look at 2 versions of same event and identify differences in the accounts.

Historical Enquiry

Use printed sources, the internet, pictures, photos, music, artefacts, historic buildings and visits to collect information about the past.

Ask questions such as ‘how did people ….? What did people do for ….?’

Suggest sources of evidence to use to help answer questions

Organisation and communication

Present findings about past using speaking, writing, computing and drawing skills

Use dates and terms with increasing accuracy.

Discuss different ways of presenting information for different purposes.