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Langar Church of England Primary School

Year 5

Breadth of Study


Location and place knowledge

Confidently use maps, globes and Google Earth to find locations.

Use atlases/maps to describe and locate places using 4 figure grid references.

Use maps to locate features of the UK e.g. rivers, mountains, large cities.

Locate the Equator on a map, atlas and globe and draw conclusions about the climates of countries on the Equator and on the tropics.

Locate largest urban areas on a map and use geographical symbols e.g. contours to identify flattest and hilliest areas of the continent.

Ask questions e.g. what is this landscape like? What is life like there?

Study photos/pictures/maps to make comparisons between locations.

Identify and explain different views of people including themselves.

Label counties, cities, mountains and rivers.

Study photographs and maps of 3 different locations on the focus continent. Ask geographical questions e.g. How was the land used in the past? How has it changed? What made it change? How may it continue to change?

Human & Physical


Explain and defend which are physical and which are human features.

Research and discuss how water/ natural disasters affects the environment, settlement, environmental change and sustainability.

Investigate environmental issues and join in a reasoned discussion.

Generate solutions environmental issues.

Discuss land use and draw conclusions about the reasons for this based on the human inhabitants and changing needs.


Make field notes/observational notes about land features.

Use photographs to support findings

Select a method to present findings from field notes.