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Class 2

Class 2 Update

Welcome back after the long-awaited half term. It was lovely to meet with you at the parents' evening consultation and have a chance to talk about your children's progress.  Class 2 children work extremely hard and it is a joy to show off their achievements.

The next half term is full of exciting things, the first being Anti-bullying Week starting on Monday.  The theme for this year is Choose Respect.  Don't forget to get the old socks sorted on Tuesday for Odd Socks Day!  The children will be doing lots of activities  including Friendship Friday. 

Please remember to ask your children about these activities and they will be able to chat to you about how they will Choose Respect.


Mrs Turner

End of Year Expectations Booklets

Class news

I am amazed by the work you have been doing at home with your children for their homework.  You are stimulating their imagination and increasing their skills and knowledge. Thank you.

We all enjoyed the baking this week.  Mrs Petchell was busy working with the year 2s increasing their awareness of what to do with a potato! She also helped the children stew some fruit and produce a healthy pudding.  If you want to recreate it the recipe is attached here and the children will tell you how to do it.

Just to remind you that we have sent home two important letters this week. 

I have received funding from the PTA which has enabled us to reduce the cost of the trip to just £7.75.  Please ensure that you pay on squid as soon as possible.  If your child normally has school lunches then they will be provided with a school packed lunch.  If they bring in sandwiches then they can either bring one in as normal, preferably in as little packaging as possible, or you can order one through squid. The children will be going into the caves so they really need to be wrapped up warm. 

The parents' consultation letter has also been sent home and I am booking appointments already. The timings for your ten minute appointment are in half hour blocks and begin at 1pm until 6pm.   The classrooms will be open for you to browse the children's work.

Looking forward to meeting you then.


Mrs Turner

Children's uniform

 We are still mislaying jumpers and cardigans.  Please can I ask that you, in some way, name your child's clothes.  Our classroom gets hot in the afternoon, the children take them off, put them down and forget where they have left them.  If you have no names to sew in, why not try sewing in a coloured button or a mark that your child can identify.  With so many children in the school with unnamed jumpers and cardigans of similar sizes it is tricky to match the correct piece of clothing with the correct child. 

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Mrs Turner

Autumn Class 2 Learning to Learn homework


For those of you who, like me, find pieces of paper have a habit of ending up in the same place as odd socks, I am putting the Learning to Learn home here for future reference.

I spoke to the children about several things to do with completing this homework. Firstly, presentation is very important.  Care should be taken so it can be appreciated for the effort and time it has taken.  Secondly, I do not expect lots of pieces, but fewer pieces done well.  This will help with presentation, but also the pressure to complete every item on the list is removed.  Lastly, it is about sharing learning with family and having fun while doing it. 

Thank you so much for your support in this matter. I know how precious time at home is and appreciate the effort of completing our creative projects at home. 



 Our first full week back


It has been an exhausting week packed full of activities. The children really enjoyed tasting the results of our stone age fruit and nut bars.  I have put a link to the recipe below.  The recipe states pulsing in a blender but not only did stone age people not have blenders, I tried it that way and it wasn't as good!

We were scared as we crawled into caves to see the cave paintings.  We found bugs in a bug hunt, worked as a team in PE and ended up the week doing some meditation.  My socks were blown off with the children's writing and we have worked incredibly hard in maths.

I have also found a facebook link to developing children's growth mindset that you can try at home.

We are looking forward to our first whole school RE day this year and more exciting adventures.

Best Wishes

Mrs Turner

Welcome to Class 2 and the Autumn Term!


What an amazing start to the new academic year!  The children were keen to come in, they were attentive and so listened well, they looked very smart and had loads to tell us about their break.  It was lovely to welcome back familiar faces and new ones.

Look out for news about our topic, our homework, our trip and special occasions we have planned for this term.

Our topic is called Stone Age Boy and we are looking at prehistory and all that it entailed to live back then.

I welcome chats from parents, but please make an appointment for longer discussions.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the 'Meet Your Teacher' half hour next Tuesday.



Mrs Turner