Children in years 4, 5 and 6 need to back at school at 5.30 tonight, to be ready for the Matilda performance which begins at 6.00pm
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Class 4

Year 6 Nottingham Forest Author Day

Revision books...don't say the 'S' word...


As you may have noticed, the children have kindly been provided with shiny new SATs revision books.


Whilst we are still continuing curriculum coverage and new areas of learning in lessons in school, for homework I will be setting topics to revise and practise in both Maths and English.  


The children will be expected to revise and complete the questions during the week, from Tuesday to Tuesday. All the tasks set have been taught in school, so they should just be areas of revision.


Should your child find any of the areas difficult, I have made it clear to them that it is their responsibility to come to me for assistance, which will be happily given.


I would urge you to resist the temptation to jump ahead and do more than is set. The main reasons for this, which I have also relayed to the children, are that it is revision, so by doing too much now will result in it needed to be revised again, and also, trying to complete tasks that have not been taught in school could lead to confusion for your child.


We will have a solid 3 weeks of in school revision after Easter so rest assured that your children will be able to have supported revisiting of any are that they feel less confident in before the big week! (more details of said week will be relayed at a future date).


Many thanks for your continued support!


Mr Owen-Jones

Learning to Learn Homework

First half term done!

Having just had parent's consultation meetings, and with 8 weeks of year 6 under our belts, I thought it time to update the web page!


I would like to start by reiterating what I said to you all at the meetings: I am extremely impressed by how the children have already risen to the challenge of year 6, and how well as a class; they really are a studious bunch!


I would also like to say a huge thank you for your support with the Victorians Invention and Industry topic. The text we have been using to support this journey back in time (Street Child)  has really captured the children's imaginations, which has been reflected by the fantastic written and creative work produced both in school and at home. Some of the homework being brought in has exceeded my expectations, and remember, the topic and chance to bring in homework continues this half term as well, so plenty of time to get creating and investigating!


Finally, another huge thank you for your support with the Victorian day. I am positive that as a result of this immersive experience, the children are grateful that they live in a modern era with more than tea lights to work from and porridge and carrot peelings for lunch!


Keep up the good work!


Mr Owen-Jones 



End of Year Expectations Booklets