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Langar Church of England Primary School

Academic Excellence - Curriculum Subjects


The Langar curriculum promotes risk taking, choice and decision making which enables children to take responsibility for their own learning and lifestyle. It provides our children with learning challenges which are engaging, motivating and exciting. Through a broad range of subjects and balance of experiences every child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

The school has adopted a connected curriculum framework. It is based around the organisation of the National Curriculum Objectives, a transferable skills bank, real life experiences and connectors designed to make it meaningful.


National Curriculum objectives from across the foundation subjects - history, geography, art, music and DT - have been organised into knowledge and skills banks. These drive the themes for our cross curricular topics.



Academic Excellence

Approaches to learning

* Underpinned with core values and life-long learning skills    

  * Consistent approaches to teaching and learning              

   * Mastery Maths     * Cross-curricular themes and topics 

* High quality resources and learning environment                            

  * Instilling a passion for learning      * Promoting effective communication    

* High expectation of all pupils 

* Personalised support for under-performing pupils


Discover  History


Explore – Geography


Create – Art, DT and Music

Ongoing Subjects – English, Maths, Science, PSHCE, PE, Computing, RE, MFL
Specialist roles: ELSA    Mastery Maths Primary Specialist        Reading Recovery Teacher         Language and music specialist teachers

Healing the Gap

*Reading Recovery *5 Minute Box *B Squared *Reading Buddies *1-1 Reading* Phonics Streaming  * Phonics/ Spelling Pre Teach  *Snip

*Rapid Phonics *Rapid Reading *Plus 1 *Power of 2 *Pre Teach Maths * Pre/Post Teach Maths *In class TA support and intervention * Precision Teach

Long Term Themes