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Cadbury House


George Cadbury inspired us with the stories of his fair treatment of his employees.


At a young age of 21 when he was handed over the responsibility of looking after his father’s failing business, along with his elder brother Richard, little did George Cadbury know that the company would prosper into a worldwide renowned chocolate major. Although he performed his job of taking care of the business, but his heart was still beating for the ordinary working man. This English magnate was also a great philanthropist and social reformer. He was greatly interested in improving the living and working conditions of the ordinary workers and did not leave any stone unturned in creating a happier and healthier livelihood for his workers. He was ambitious and serious about his company and hence, his hard work started generating revenue after five years of initial struggle and frugal lifestyle. The Cadbury Brothers cocoa and chocolate manufacturing firm was, then, transformed into the world’s leading chocolate brand. His inclination towards societal development not only benefitted his company and employees, but also Birmingham, which grew as an industrial city under the hands of George, thereby becoming the second largest city in the United Kingdom in terms of economy.


Great Deeds


  • In 1890, George, along with other Quakers, played a major role in restoring the Grove House School, in Reading, into Leighton Park School – a foremost Quaker school in Britain.


  • In 1897, the Cadbury brothers launched their first milk chocolate, though it was similar to a Swiss brand initially, but was later improved to produce a lighter colored chocolate called Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in 1905.
  • In 1903, he donated one of his former residences, the Georgian style mansion Woodbrooke, to The Religious Society of Friends in 1903. Today, it is known as Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and is Europe’s sole Quaker study centre.
  • In 1906, he got a 700-seat theatre constructed on the grounds of his home, Northfield Manor, where he organized food and entertainment for more than 25,000 underprivileged children of Birmingham, every summer.
  • He is known to have donated a large home in Northfield to Birmingham Cripples Union which was converted into a hospital in 1909, which is today called the Royal Orthopedic Hospital.
  • To mark his silver wedding anniversary, George got the Rest House built on Bournville Village Green in 1914, dedicated completely for the local people.
  • He co-founded The Birmingham Civic Society in 1918 and donated the Lickey Hills Country Park to the locals of Birmingham city.
  • Both George and his second wife, Elizabeth, were die-hard philanthropists and social reformers. As a result, they established the Woodlands Hospital and opened The Beeches, a holiday spot for children belonging to slums.
Personal Life & Legacy


  • George Cadbury got married to Mary Tyler, daughter of Quaker author Charles Tyler, in 1872. The couple had three children - George Junior, Mary Isabel and Edward.
  • Mary died in 1887 during childbirth, leaving George alone with his young children. His niece Jesse, Richard’s daughter, moved in to take care of the children.
  • While on his trip to London, he met Elizabeth Mary Taylor (Elsie) and married her in 1888. They both became parents of six children - Laurence John, George Norman, Elsie Dorothea, Egbert, Marion Janet and Ursula.
  • He passed away on October 24, 1922, at his home Manor House, Northfield, aged 83. His last rites were performed at Perry Barr crematorium, while his ashes were buried at the Friend’s Meeting House, Bournville.
  • Various charitable institutions have been established by the successors of Cadbury brothers, some being the George Cadbury Hall at the University of Birmingham which conducts George Cadbury lectures and Selly Oak Colleges.



Cadbury House chose Water Aid as their charity.